Automatic Cheating Detection in Human Racing

This is a fascinating look into the future of automated fraud detection in sports: Maybe you’ve heard the really crazy discussions about fraud in athletics? Philadelphia Eagles forward Devon Allen was disqualified from the 110-meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships a few weeks ago for a false start. Here’s the problem: you can’t see a false start. No one can see a false start. When he sees Allen, he definitely can’t reach for the gun. But here’s the thing: World Athletics has determined that someone cannot be pushed out of a block in a tenth of a second from a pistol without a false start. They have a science that shows that it is beyond human capabilities to react so quickly. Of course, there are people who tell you that this is nonsense (I am one of them), this is pseudoscience, in no way they can restrict human abilities in this way. There is a science that shows that it is humanly impossible to hit a fastball. Once upon a time, science proved that people could not pass a kilometer in four minutes. By the way, do you know what Devon Allen’s reaction time is? Dec. This took 0.99 seconds. According to world athletics science, one thousandth of a second is faster than necessary. They certainly know that. 01 seconds – and definitely .